Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Subsidy Rationalisation program or very simply a reduction in subsidies are common or normal. People need to be smart and not rush into lust menggikut anger when for the government to bear the burden of subsidy and this appears to affect the progress of a country. In this case the House saw a reduction in subsidies that cuts .. not as big as in the range of a few pennies and the government could save 750 million to use the money to benefit the people of infrastructure
We the people must be wise in purchasing. Here want to press right to the honest trader should have in the transaction and is responsible for the country and the people. Do not be taken advantage due to a reduction in subsidies for menaiikan our prices. Ministry must monitor in this regard. Solutions in our faces in the government subsidy rationalization is - camping in the spending. it looks like the 70s but shabby idea to ask us what our contribution to the nation.

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